3rd Meeting Recap

We had a great 3rd meeting last Sunday. Mostly we brainstormed about the club again (although a healthy portion of the meeting was devoted to surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse). Thanks to “Spanish Project” Ashley, “RPG” Chris, “I ❤ Thom” Danielle, “Pro Bum” Dom, “Zombie” Justin, “Sir Laughs-a-lot” Kyle, “Hand Raising” Ringgo, “Finally Made It” Steph, and “Electricity” Valerie for coming up with some great ideas!  We’re really starting to figure out what this club is all about.  Our new ideas included:

  • topics for discussion nights (my favorites: a 60’s night to discuss the impact of the counterculture movement, and a discussion of our ignorance of other cultures)
  • ways to promote intellectual honesty (my favorite: creating a video series to put online)
  • other smart people to invite as club guests (my favorites: Thom Yorke, and, more realistically, an expert on folklore)

Other new ideas are posted over at the club’s Facebook Discussion Board.


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