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CCC Chapter & New Discussion Meeting

We’ve started up a chapter of the club at Camden County College, complete with officers, and funding, and paperwork! We’ve already elected officers:

  • President: Dominick Martino
  • Vice President: Matt Magrino
  • Secretary: Robyn Giles
  • Treasurer: Chris Hearon

My favorite thing that these officers have done already is to refuse any power offered to them in the hopes that this club be run by consensus of all its members.  Kudos to them and their figurehead status!

Anyway, we’re having our first discussion meeting at CCC this Wednesday (November 4th) at 1:00 p.m. in room 115 of Madison Building.  The topic is: “What’s so bad about humility?”  There will be free pizza and soda for all, thanks to our funding.

All are welcome to attend (you don’t have to be a CCC student). Don’t worry, though, we’ll still be having off-campus meetings, too, probably on Sunday nights again.  Directions to CCC are available here.  A campus map is below; Madison is building 5.

my home sweet home


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Hide It Under a Bushel, No!

“The point of rigour is actually to enable one’s mistakes to be as easily spotted as possible, so that they can be corrected.”

Timothy Williamson

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