Upcoming Plans

Here are some of the things the club is planning on doing in the next few months:

CCC Discussion Meetings
We want to collaborate with other CCC organizations (the Gay/Straight Alliance, Human Services Club, Dead Poet’s Society, and International Club) for a few discussion meetings. We’re also interested in a series of discussions based on TED talks. Other potential discussion topics include “lessons learned,” “epiphanies,” “what makes up our substance (identity),” “this I used to believe.”  These meetings are tentatively scheduled for Wednesdays at 1:00.  Suggest discussion topics at the Facebook forum.

Movie Nights
The last Friday of each month we’ll watch a movie at CCC and discuss it afterwards. Our first movie is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at 7:00 on Friday, January 29th. Suggest movies at the Facebook discussion forum.

Other Discussion Meetings
These will be just like the CCC discussion meetings, but off campus and on the weekend (most likely Sunday nights at 7:00). Suggest discussion topics at the Facebook forum.

Radio Show/Podcast
We have a 30-minute show on WDBK!  The show will be part interview (of local professors on club-related topics) and part club-member discussions.  We already have a few guests booked, and are currently trying to set up the club-member discussions.  Get involved with the radio show by posting your interest or suggesting guests at the Facebook forum.

Religions Trip
We’re organizing several trips to local religious centers. We’ll spend 4 or 5 Saturday mornings chatting with a religious leader at a local mosque, Hindu temple, synagogue, Catholic church, Quaker meeting, and/or Buddhist temple. Get involved with these trips by posting at the Facebook forum.

Other Activities
We probably can’t do all of these, but here’s some other stuff we might try to do:

  • Club dinner at a restaurant
  • Trips to one or more of the following:the Penn Museum, Mutter Museum, Body Worlds Exhibit at the Franklin Institute, Philly Murals Tour
  • Create one or more of the following kinds of videos: short sketches, highlights of a discussion meeting, individual stories of lessons learned, a drunk-history style reenactment of an overconfident person’s account of something, a mock protest of the unearned certainty of protesters
  • Create a publication or write things for other publications (such as CCC’s Campus Press)

Suggest other activities at the Facebook forum.


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