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Owning Our Ignorance Show | Episode 1: Humility

Destiny Byrd, Calvin Engime, Rachel McDonell Mojica, and Jordan Smart discuss the role of humility in effective reasoning.

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Owning on the Radio

Talkin' 'n' Shruggin'Our club has started a radio show!  The Owning Our Ignorance Show debuts on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. on WDBK.  Tune in to 91.5 FM if you live near Blackwood, New Jersey.

The first episode is on humility.  Club members Destiny Byrd, Cal Engime, Rachel McDonnell Mojica, and Jordan Smart discuss the role that humility plays in effective reasoning.

We’ll post the episode here after it airs on the radio, along with links to subscribe to a podcast version of the show.

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Podcast Episode 01: Bryan Frances

It’s our first podcast! I interviewed Bryan Frances, a philosophy professor at Fordham University.  He writes a lot about the appropriateness of suspending judgment on difficult issues in politics, morality, and philosophy.  Check out his website for some of his papers.   Here’s a quote from the interview:

“It’s almost like God has this tease. We’re just smart enough to find these problems and issues, but we’re not smart enough to actually tackle them with a reliable way of finding the answer. Maybe that’s a good definition of philosophy: it’s those set of problems that we’re intelligent enough to grasp, but not intelligent enough to have any reliable methodology to solve.”

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